Maths, maths and more maths…..

While planning lessons I came across this really good  math website. It has a multitude of games of different operations and abilities. I used one of the games in a lesson and found that the students enjoyed the game and were engaged in it for the whole time.

The game I used was number bonds, and the first time we played it we did so in a whole group with all students having a turn and moving on. The next time we played it, the students were in rotation groups and this was one of the rotations. This worked a lot better as the students did not have to wait so long in between turns.

On of the other year 3 teachers saw the groups playing the game and so I gave her the website. Her feedback was that her class really enjoyed the game too. So if you have a chance have a look, there are lots of things to do.



What a great way to learn

I have been very lucky while on all of my pracs to have a great mentor teacher, but the one I have now is fantastic. She had passion for her profession and really works hard for the benefit of her students.

I have just completed my first week of full teaching load, that is all day everyday, all interactions, all minor arguments between the students everything. That is fine I am thinking because I deal with that all the time.

However, during one of my lessons one of the students had completed the work previously to the class doing it so I asked my mentor what should I get the child to do. Her response was to sit there, look at me and not say a word. I soon got the feeling I was not going to get a response from her ( and I was quite annoyed that she did not help) so I got the student to follow along with the class and check his answers.

At the end of the day when we discuss how things went, she brought up this incident. She told me that she did not answer me on purpose because when I have my own class and something like this will come up, she is not going to be there to tell me what to do. WOW! That is mentoring ! I went home and thought about it and she is totally correct, I will not have back up to ask and I will have to deal with it on my own…. what a great lesson to learn.

So for the rest of the week I have not even looked at her when I have been in a spot when I think what do I do? I just go along and deal with it myself. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to my great mentor I have learnt so much from you I will be sad to leave on the 16th.

Luckily I will be back next year for my internship….. I can’t wait !

Get Connect.ed


I have just completed this professional development and would like to recommend fellow pre service educators to do the same. It was informative and highlighted many aspect of cyber safety that I had not thought about. I really love the resources that accompany this informative program.

If you have the chance give it a go, it will be worth it.


NAPLAN : The same old argument

Today while on practicum in a Year 3 class, I witnessed first hand the dreaded NAPLAN test. The procedures were like an army precision attack, with the papers arriving at the classroom minutes before the test was to begin, actually I was half expecting an armed guard to bring them to the class. The robotic directions read out to the students, were devoid of any thoughtfulness and caring, and not once did the instructions include a ‘good luck’.

Luckily, the students in my class handled all of this pomp and ceremony well, and both myself and my mentor were very proud of the effort put in by the students. My heart went out to the students as they sat head down, pencils writing, in the second task today, the writing task. The look of confusion, exasperation and helplessness on the face of some of the students was heart breaking, and all I was able to do was a light touch on the shoulder and say it will be fine.

We now have yet another 2 days of testing this week, and another 2 days of students trying hard to do their best. I had never really thought much about NAPLAN before, but I had to find out more and I have posted a link so that you too can read up on this annual event in the education calendar.  

Goodbye Mr Postman


So this could be goodbye to the humble postie. This icon of the western world who has risked their lives, fought terror from the skies (in magpie season), rode through heat waves and torrential rain to deliver their letters could be set to disappear form our streets. I know it is not totally but if Australia Post have their way it could possibly be that way.

Australia Post are stating that it is because of the decline in letters being posted that has prompted them to think of reducing the deliveries to three times a week, and they cite the reduction because people are sending emails instead of letters etc.

This set me thinking, when was the last time I had actually written and sent a letter? I could not remember. Then I also began thinking about literacy, and the genre of letter writing. Is this going to be extinct too? Is there a need to learn this text type?

I have heard somewhere through my studies that for every ‘breakthrough’ in technology there is a reaction or consequence, maybe this is a prime example of just that !

Sharing is caring

I read a blog by Leesa  concerning her thoughts on sharing resources. I must say that I agree with her in regards to sharing resources will make us all better teachers. However, this is not regarded as the ‘norm’ within the school setting, many teachers I have worked with guard their resources and ideas like they are a national treasure and will not share with any other colleague.

This is a sad state of affairs when sharing would benefit not only themselves but the students in their classes. I understand that people work differently and learn differently but if there was a central place in a school’s data base to place resources for colleagues to use then it is up to the individual if they want to use it.

What are your ideas on a central resource data base? do you think it would be used?